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When a pump enters Midwest Valve Services, highly qualified technicians are ready to provide repair services efficiently and on time. We save customers time and money while maintaining unparalleled quality and service in every aspect of pump repair. It starts with clear identification of the pump as it comes through the doors and onto the shop floor. Every aspect of the pump is inspected with our complete failure analysis and documented before any repair is started. This allows the customer to track the progress of their pump and remain assured that the work is being done effectively and in a timely fashion. Once failure analysis is complete a recommendation is made to the customer over what caused the failure and what needs to be done to increase the MTBF for the pump.  

Pump Repair Process

The pump repair process is highlighted by a unique epoxy coating that is used by Midwest Valve to improve every aspect of the current pump and provide greater reliability as the pump is put back in to use. The coating extends the life of the pump from its current state, protects it from erosion, and ultimately can lower the customers overall electricity bill because the pumps are running at a much higher and more efficient level with less need for repair. Midwest Valve also focuses on the following in the process of pump repair:
  • Balance the rotating element and impeller
  • Rebuild the housing
  • Rebuild the pump to OEM specifications
  • Utilizing OEM pump parts
  • Check radial run-out on staff
Whether dealing with a centrifugal, positive displacement, or progressive cavity pumps, Midwest Valve prides itself on top quality and customer satisfaction when it comes to the repair of pumps.
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